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Is there a way to test code which relies on umbraco. i.e. within my model i'm calling getNode or using uquery to get nodes but i can't test those classes because they rely on umbraco...

i guess one way to resolve this issue is by mocking, but how can you mock uquery or nodefactory?

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I'm not convinced that CMS systems are naturally suited to unit testing as the output is not always as cut and dried as business logic should be.

But (there's always a but) you can mock the generation of nodes - manipulate them and check for errors at the least. One example unit test would be to create a document type with some mandatory and some optional fields - then populate a content node with the mandatory fields only before then making an optional field mandatory - which should then error. I don't think you can add properties as mandatory via code, though.

(Also see: How to add a property to a document type in Umbraco from code? http://our.umbraco.org/wiki/reference/api-cheatsheet/creating-a-document http://our.umbraco.org/wiki/how-tos/working-with-document-types )

Something like:

var alias = "aliasOfOptionalField";
var value = string.Empty;
var docType = "Textpage";

DocumentType dt = DocumentType.GetByAlias(docType); 
User author = User.GetUser(0); 
Document doc = Document.MakeNew("My new document", dt, author, 1018); 

var newProperty = dt.AddPropertyType(new DataTypeDefinition(-49), alias, "test prop");

if (doc.HasProperty(alias))
   doc.getProperty(alias).Value = value;
   doc.Publish(new User(0));
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