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I have a problem, during importing data from cube using PowerPivot for Excel. When I import measures to the PowerPivot workbook, it treats numbers as text. When I try to change datatype to decimal number, I get following error:

The following system error occurred: Type mismatch. PowerPivot database error: Datatype conversion failed for [Table: 'Query', Column: '', Value: '6198.9357860000009'].

I'm trying to create pivot table with these values, but while it treats numbers as text, I'm not able to create it correctly. Does anyone know how to deal with it ?

I will be grateful for any help.

Regards, Konrad

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I couldn't handle this problem, but I found a workaround. In PowerPivot window, I added new column and inserted following function: =VALUE(SUBSTITUTE(Query[MyMeasure],".",",",1)) It replaces "." with "," and treats values as decimal numbers. Then I hid useless column (with text values) and renamed new column with hidden column name.

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Does anyone know how to solve this problem in different way? Why PowerPivot treats decimal values as text? – Konza Oct 19 '12 at 11:03
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Finally I figured out, what was the issue. Regional language was set as Polish and default decimal symbol in Polish language was . instead of ,.

I changed regional langauge to english U.S., reponed excel file and now conversion to decimal number is possible.

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This may happen when we have NaN values in measures. Divide by zero errors will throw up exactly the same message in PowerPivot.

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