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I have an array that looks like...

$arr = array(
      "server_name"    => "server_a",
      "server_number"  => "1",
      "server_status"  => "OPEN" 
      "server_name"   => "server_b",
      "server_number" => "2",
      "server_status" => "CLOSED" 

I am trying to set the index value of "server_status" in the following way

foreach($arr as $a){
   $a['server_status'] = "STATUS_".$a['server_status'];

This does not seem to be the correct way to set an array value as nothing seems to be happening, what would be the correct way to perform this task?

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You need to iterate by reference:

foreach($arr as &$a) {
   $a['server_status'] = ...;

(The only difference from your code is the & before $a in foreach.)

Just don't forget to unset the reference after iterating:


Else, writing to this variable later in the code would override the last element of the array.

See foreach documentation.

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You need to foreach by reference, like this:

foreach($arr as &$a){
   $a['server_status'] = "STATUS_".$a['server_status'];

Otherwise it does not modify the item of the current iteration - its a copy.

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