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I have two processes:

The first process, I run with: . / Vlc video >> resu.txt it gives me an output file resu.txt

The second process is a script that makes calculations on the file resu.txt The name of this script is calcule.sh, I run it with: . / Calcul.sh

I want to run two processes at the same time. ie having two parallel processes.

how I could run two processes in parallel (. / Vlc video >> resu.txt and . / Calcul.s ). Is there a command that do this ? Please, can you propose me a code that will do that

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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Do you want to "pipe" your 2 process ? i.e. the output of the first becaming the input of the second ? –  Cédric Julien Sep 18 '12 at 12:06

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Modify calcule.sh so that it reads from standard input rather than from resu.txt, then execute your commands in a pipe, as in

. /Vlc video | ./calcule.sh
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My script Calcule.sh has the following form while read qp do instructions done <resu.txt how I could change it to read from the standard input? –  Toufik Moad Sep 18 '12 at 12:52
Just remove <resu.txt. –  Nicola Musatti Sep 18 '12 at 12:55

There's no real parallel processing here. Your second script can't run until it has some data to process which is produced by the first script. This is simply a case for pipelining. You don't need to use a temporary file to store the result, just pipe the first one's output to the second's input:

./Vlc video | ./Calcul.s

You have to slightly change your 2nd script for this so as to read from the pipe.

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If the processes depend on each other, i.e. process 1 (VLC) must finish and generate its output in order for process 2 (your script) to have something to work with, then they are sequential and cannot be run in parallel due to the data dependency.

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if no data dependency and can be run in parallel then use these two commands

./ Vlc video > resu.txt &

and then

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If you want to create the "resu" file AND send the text to the other script, use tee

./Vlc video | tee resu.txt | ./calculate.sh
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