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So I know this will sound very simple, because I'm sure it is. I know when you want to move a file you can use cp or mv in a linux terminal to move from one directory to another. My problem is how do you do it when you want to move a file from your local machine to say a cluster.

To access the cluster, I ssh into it and I have a directory there. Ive tried the absolute filepaths, but that clearly wouldnt work.

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You use the scp command:

scp \path\to\your\file.txt user@cluster_address:\path\in\cluster

then it asks you for the password, which is the same as the one for ssh.

Another option is that you can also mount the directory of the cluster machine using sshfs and then you can normaly do cp and mv in the mounted directory.

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Thank youuuu. The nice people at stackoverflow save me yet again! –  pepsimax Sep 18 '12 at 14:35
What about going in the other direction, is it the same command essentially? –  isosceleswheel Jul 28 at 14:57
Yes it is essentially the same. You give the path of the file in the remote computer, and give the target on you local computer. –  Nejc Aug 3 at 8:10

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