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I have already have a script recorded with Object Map and Verification point for client1 and for client 2 i am using the same application but i dont want to re record the application, only the Verification point alone changes. The same object was used.

Note: If i copy and paste the code alone means, the script shows error without object map. So how to re use the Object map

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Have you tried to export the scripts from one client1 to client2 ? When you export the script .. then all related files .. ie. the object map/script helper/Verification Point etc are also exportd.


 File  > Export > FunctionalTest > Functional Test Project Items

If you create a shared Object map (i.e an Obect map that will be shared among different scripts in a project) then you can also export this ObjectMap from one project and import it in a different Project.

  File  > Import > FunctionalTest > Functional Test Project Items

Hope that helps.

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Ya.. I agree by using importing & Exporting but what is the use of Shared Test Object Map –  marees suresh Sep 25 '12 at 10:45

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