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i'm going to build a Silverlight application which is hosted in a custom web part in an empty SharePoint project. I'm using SharePoint 2010 Silverlight 4 and .net 3.5 .

My task and my problem is to make a custom ribbon on the SharePoint site. In this ribbon is a button who should access a Silverlight method. I have made the ribbon and the button but now I can't go any further.

In my Classic C# Web Part I have the following code:

"<div id='silverlightControlHost' style='width:100%;height:100%;'>" +
                            "<object id='SLP' data='data:application/x-silverlight-2,' type='application/x-silverlight-2' width='100%' height='600'>" +
                                "<param name='source' value='Silverlight_File/BMS_C_M_Silverlight.xap' />" +
                                "<param name='initParams' value='<%= InitParameters %>' />" +
                                "<param name='background' value='white' />" +
                                "<param name='minRuntimeVersion' value='4.0.50401.0' />" +
                                "<param name='autoUpgrade' value='true' />" +
                                "<a href='' style='text-decoration:none'>" +
                                "<img src='' alt='Get Microsoft Silverlight' style='border-style:none'/>" +
                                "</a>" +

In my MainPage.xaml.cs in the Mail Method:

HtmlPage.RegisterScriptableObject("CallSilverlightCode", this);

In the same file:

        public void ShowAlertPopup()

            MessageBox.Show("Message From JavaScript");


And in the elements.xml from the ribbon:

          CommandAction="javascript:var SLPlugin = document.getElementById('SLP'); SLPlugin.Content.CallSilverlightCode.ShowAlertPopup();"/>

With all these things the Button in the ribbon should call the "ShowAlertPopup" Method out of Silverlight Application but i don't do it.

I search everything that shoud helps but i don't find anything. I looked thow many things in the IE Debugger by deploying it and so on...

Can anyone helps ? See a problem or a mistake ?

Thanks for your answers


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I have got a solution. I made a hole new Project as a Sandbox solution insert the Silverlight App in a aspx Site and follow the steps of the this tutorial


It is not a custom ribbon tab but i can access the Silverlight app.

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