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I am using the PayPal sandbox in ASP.Net C# 4.0. I added the following web references:


When I run this code:

PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalSandboxWS.SetExpressCheckoutReq req = new PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalSandboxWS.SetExpressCheckoutReq()
            SetExpressCheckoutRequest = new PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalSandboxWS.SetExpressCheckoutRequestType()
                Version = Version,
                SetExpressCheckoutRequestDetails = reqDetails

        // query PayPal and get token
        PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalSandboxWS.SetExpressCheckoutResponseType resp = BuildPayPalSandboxWebservice().SetExpressCheckout(req);

In my resp object, the error message says:

Security header is not valid

I was told to give it correct API credentials. I signed up on developer.paypal.com and i'm assuming the email address and password i used are my valid credentials. How and where do I give it my API credentials? Thanks

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Are you using Certificate authorization or Signature based authorization? – irvgk Sep 18 '12 at 13:19
I had similar issues when working with the Paypal API in .Net using certificate based authorization, an answer I gave previously may help - stackoverflow.com/a/11720512/969613 – JMK Sep 18 '12 at 13:24
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Did you check the endpoint addresses in your web.config file

Those should be referenced to following url's

For API Certificate => SOAP https://api.sandbox.paypal.com/2.0/

For API Signature => SOAP https://api-3t.sandbox.paypal.com/2.0/

If you are using Signature then use the following code

CustomSecurityHeaderType type = new CustomSecurityHeaderType();
            type.Credentials = new UserIdPasswordType()
                Username = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["PayPalUserName"], //Not paypal login username
                Password = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["PayPalPassword"], //not login password
                Signature = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["PayPalSignature"]

To get Paypal signature follow the link

For more info click here


Please check the following code it is working for me

CustomSecurityHeaderType type = new CustomSecurityHeaderType();
            type.Credentials = new UserIdPasswordType()
                Username = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["PayPalUserName"],
                Password = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["PayPalPassword"],
                Signature = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["PayPalSignature"]

            PaymentDetailsItemType[] pdItem = new PaymentDetailsItemType[1];
            pdItem[0] = new PaymentDetailsItemType() 
                Amount = new BasicAmountType(){currencyID = CurrencyCodeType.USD,Value = ItemPrice},
                Name = ItemName,
                Number = ItemNumber,
                Description = ItemDescription, 
                ItemURL = ItemUrl

            SetExpressCheckoutRequestDetailsType sdt = new SetExpressCheckoutRequestDetailsType();
            sdt.NoShipping = "1";
            PaymentDetailsType pdt = new PaymentDetailsType()
                OrderDescription = OrderDesc,
                PaymentDetailsItem = pdItem,
                OrderTotal = new BasicAmountType()
                    currencyID = CurrencyCodeType.USD,
                    Value = ItemPrice

            sdt.PaymentDetails = new PaymentDetailsType[] { pdt };
            sdt.CancelURL = "http://localhost:62744/PaymentGateway/PaymentFailure.aspx";
            sdt.ReturnURL = "http://localhost:62744/PaymentGateway/ExpressCheckoutSuccess.aspx";

            SetExpressCheckoutReq req = new SetExpressCheckoutReq()
                SetExpressCheckoutRequest = new SetExpressCheckoutRequestType()
                    SetExpressCheckoutRequestDetails = sdt,
                    Version = "92.0"
            var paypalAAInt = new PayPalAPIAAInterfaceClient();
            var resp = paypalAAInt.SetExpressCheckout(ref type, req);
            if (resp.Errors != null && resp.Errors.Length > 0)
                // errors occured
                throw new Exception("Exception(s) occured when calling PayPal. First exception: " +

                ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["PayPalOriginalUrl"], resp.Token));
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Thanks for your response. Where in the web.config do i put these endpoints? I have never entered endpoints for web services. WCF services i have. – BoundForGlory Sep 18 '12 at 13:25
@user1202717 When you create the service reference Visual Studio will create the endpoints, Check those endpoints are matching to your requirement or not? – irvgk Sep 18 '12 at 13:28
Thanks for this info...Is the sandbox api credentials the same as the PayPalAPI credentials? – BoundForGlory Sep 18 '12 at 13:43
No, Which authentication mechanism you are using for API calls? Is it Signature based or Certificate? – irvgk Sep 18 '12 at 13:44
Signature based – BoundForGlory Sep 18 '12 at 13:47

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