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At the beginning I want to say that I'm newbie in Sharepoint and PowerPivot. I've created powerPivot workbook and uploaded on Sharepoint PowerPivot Gallery. I also created data refreshing schedule. But when I try to open uploaded workbook I get an error:

An error has occurred. Please try again later.

When I check refreshing schedule status, there is "succeeded" but I can't open the workbook. Does anyone know what is the reason of the issue and how to resolve it?

Thank you in advance. Konrad

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This can occur when a calculation on one or more pages encounters an error. Try looking at each page, including hidden pages, to see if there are any calculation errors in your pivot tables.

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I created PowerPivot Gallery Site on Central Administration and I didn't have right for using excel application service on CA. That was the reason, why I couldn't open the workbook.

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