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I have an 'application' (not an eclipse application, hence the noShutdown and ignoreApp arguments below) that runs in an equinox osgi container. It is a sort of a server and if doesn't get any incoming message it shuts down after about 30 seconds. It's definitely not the socket's fault, I've already checked it.
Also, if I start the app with the -console argument the framework doesn't shut down, but leaving it that way is not a good idea for production...
It's also strange that the phenomenon does not occur when I run the program from eclipse.
These are the standard args I use:


What might cause this automatic shutdown despite the (I think) proper arguments?

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Thanks to Thomas Watson's post on the eclipse forums the problem is now solved, I quote him:

This looks to be bug 310426. What version of Equinox are you using. If it is earlier than 3.7 then try setting the following property:




Thanks again! (We've used 3.5.1)

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