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On my College's Google Apps domain there are thousands of users but I need traverse them all to assign them to the correct Groups. Clearly, this would exceed the five mins time limit so I am trying to utilise the CacheService to handle this. The issue is that to store the object array, I need to jsonStringify it and jsonParse it back when the function restarts. But the jsonParse'd object fails because the object method getUserLoginId no longer exists. How else can I store the object array so it works? Am I missing something obvious?

function functname() {
  var users_all = check_cache('cachename');
  var num_done = 0;
  for(u in users_all) {
     if(num_done > 100) //prevent timeout

function check_cache(cacheKey) {
  var cache = CacheService.getPublicCache();
  var cachedString = cache.get(cacheKey);
  var lstData;
  if (cachedString == null) {
    lstData = UserManager.getAllUsers();
    cache.put(cacheKey, Utilities.jsonStringify(lstData));
    Logger.log('Cash NOT used');
  else {
    lstData = Utilities.jsonParse(cachedString);
    Logger.log('Cash used' + lstData);
  return lstData;

function store_cache(cacheKey, lstData) {
  var cache = CacheService.getPublicCache();
  var cachedString = cache.get(cacheKey);
  cache.put(cacheKey, Utilities.jsonStringify(lstData));
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It's not possible to stringify functions, only data. When you should do instead is create a custom object from the data in DomainUser, and stringify and parse that instead.

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