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I have a Function. In a part of the logic within this Function (Function1) I have a call to Function2(x)

This passes variable x into this new function (Function2) and opens a form. (frmexample)

How can I set the cursor to load in a particular text box? At the moment by default when the form loads, the cursor is in the first textbox on the form.

I've tried:


Which doesn't work, the tab index is 31, perhaps there is a way to use this information to correct the cursors placement?


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You can't set focus on an object while in form load event. Try focus an object in form activate event.

Like below example code:

Private Sub Form_Activate()
End Sub
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If this control needs to be the first in the tab order, set the TabIndex on all the controls to suit. The control with the lowest TabIndex value and can get focus will receive the focus when the form loads.

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I had this in the wrong place - before I (


This worked fine once it was in the right place.

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