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I have a super project, I have added a submodule to the project, I have renamed the directory that the submodule is in and edited the appropriate files.


After doing a large amount of work I have cd'd into the submodules directory, And running git status I get these lovely messages informing me that I have deleted one of my folders, and by association all the contents and apparently added the changes too so they are ready for commit. I don't recall doing this.

Yet, If I jump into my file browser, the files are sitting right there. Now these files include some files I have also modified, but the modifications don't show up in git status, as as far as git is concerned I have deleted the folder.

So, the next one is,

I if I do git pull I get a message informing me that the pull will overwrite the changes in the files that I mentioned I had changed. yet do not show up in git status and that I should commit or stash the files.

But, running git add /path/to/file.ext I get fatal: pathspec 'path/to/file.ext' did not match any files Which makes sense since git thinks I have deleted the folder.

What is going on here?

I guess I could use git reset HEAD path/to/file.ext.

But what is that going to do the my changes that I have made to the so called deleted files?

Also, from inside the submodule, if I call git add <path to folder inside submodule> on a directory that was not there when I pulled the submodule initially then I get fatal: '<path to folder inside submodule>' is outside repository

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This is expected behaviour. submodule does not work as good as svn external. Read the doc again. – J-16 SDiZ Sep 18 '12 at 14:21
Which doc are you referring to? – Hailwood Sep 18 '12 at 14:25

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