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Newbie question but I haven't seen answered clearly - what is the practical difference between npm install and npm update? When to use which?

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The difference between npm install and npm update:


  "name":          "my-project",
  "version":       "1.0",                             // install   update
  "dependencies":  {                                  // ------------------
    "already-installed-versionless-module":  "*",     // ignores   "1.0" -> "1.1"
    "already-installed-versioned-module":    "3.4.1"  // ignores   ignores
    "not-yet-installed-versionless-module":  "*",     // installs  installs
    "not-yet-installed-versioned-module":    "2.7.8"  // installs  installs

Conclusion: The only big difference is that an already installed versionless module ...

  • gets ignored by npm install
  • gets updated by npm update

Why use npm install at all?

Because npm install does more when you look besides handling your dependencies in package.json. As you can see in npm install you can ...

  • manually install node-modules
  • set them as global (which puts them in the shell's PATH) using npm install -g <name>
  • install certain versions described by git tags
  • install from a git url
  • force a reinstall with --force
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Great example, thanks. –  Borek Nov 7 '13 at 8:37
and what about ~1.3 ? –  Offirmo Feb 27 at 15:35

npm install installs all modules that are listed on package.json file and their dependencies.

npm update updates all packages in the node_modules directory and their dependencies.

npm install express installs only the express module and its dependencies.

npm update express updates the express module and its dependencies.

So updates are for when you already have the module and wish to get the new version.

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npm install seems to do updates as well - or does it not? –  Borek Sep 18 '12 at 20:25
if you don't specify a particular version in a package.json file, npm install will get the latest version of a module. So this a kind of an update. –  saeed Sep 18 '12 at 20:44
So what should I use, npm install or npm update? Or, in other words, I am now using npm install and it seems to do the updating as well, is there any reason why should I ever use npm update? –  Borek Sep 18 '12 at 21:58
So update will always update to the latest version, regardless of package.json, while install will respect the version given in package.json? –  Borek Sep 18 '12 at 22:44
@Borek npm update will update to the latest version based on your package.json, not regardless of it. If you have "express": "3.x" and you are on version 3.1.0, it will update to the latest 3.x tag. If there is a 4.x version, it will not install the latest. –  gcochard Apr 9 at 21:28

In most cases, this will install the latest version of the module published on npm.

npm install express --save

or better to upgrade module to latest version use:

npm install express@latest --save --force

--save: Package will appear in your dependencies.

More info: npm-install

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npm install express@latest --save --force was exactly what I wanted. –  ThomasReggi Feb 14 at 0:28

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