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I am trying to style a checkboxlist control in VB/ASP.NET below:

Dim MultipleSelect As New CheckBoxList
MultipleSelect.RepeatColumns = 1
MultipleSelect.ID = "checkboxlist_" & IssueScoreControl.IssueScoreControl_PK
MultipleSelect.CssClass = "chkListStyle"
bla bla

and the style class "chkListStyle" is as follows:

        .chkListStyle input { float:left; }
        .chkListStyle label { float:left; width:80%; padding-left:3px; }

I want the text next to the check box. If there are more than 1 words, it worls all fine. But For some reason, when the text of an item added to the checkboxlist is a single word, the word appears in the next line (below the check box). How do I solve this? Please let me know if anyone is aware.

Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

Try adding the CSS:


to prevent wrapping of text, and see if that works. If not, examine the CSS to ensure the CheckBoxList is not rendering something specifically to cause this.

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