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I need to move the my product options to the product info column on every product in my Magento store. To do this manually I navigate to manage products, pick a product > design > "Display Product Options in". The problem is that I have thousands of products.

I have been searching through databases in Cpanel trying to find where this option exists so that I can write a query to change it for my entire store. Can anyone point me in the right direction so I can change this option for every product at once?

Thank you I really appreciate any help!

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I think the import functional will suit your needs best. Create a CSV file with sku and options_container coulumns and insert into the latter column value container1. Use Import All Products DataFlow profile. Should do the trick for you.

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You can change it from Admin panel.Go to

  • Catalog->Manage Products

  • Select the list of the products.click Update Attributes from Action Menu

  • Change the value for "Display Product Options In" and save

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I've had an issue doing it this way because attributes like "brand" are required fields, and not all of my products are of the same brand. Is there a way to update only the desired attribute? –  Dean Larbi Sep 18 '12 at 15:14

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