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I have some common functions that I need to reuse through several files in my ExtJS4 application. Here is an example of a few:


or if you don't want to go to the link:

/* This adds a method to String objects that allows you to test
*  whether or not a certain character or string exists in a target
*  string. In raw JS you need to check for .indexOf("test") !== -1
String.prototype.contains = function( it ) { return this.indexOf( it ) !== -1; };

How can you create something like a module that these functions can go in and then just be 'required' or imported/loaded into each file rather being so un-DRY and including the functions in each file I need to use it in?

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You can do it using namespaces.

here the documentation

Basically i think you want to do it creating a file let's say "Utils.js" and include it somewhere (or dinamically loaded with extjs autoload if you use version 4.x).

Inside that file :


MyUtil.Array.doSomething = function(param){

   // method code here

And then in some other file call it like :


At least i think this it what you are asking. Obviously you can use namespaces to hold a class created with powerful extjs class system (also explained in the second link i have posted).

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My question was more centered around plain javascript since that's what I am writing functions for. The example provided allows you to do: "Hello".contains('ello'); #=> true –  Caley Woods Sep 26 '12 at 20:03
You can basically do the same in plain javascript with Myutil = {}; and then declare your methods like Myutil.mymethod = function(x){//dosomething}. At least if i have understood what are you searching for. –  charlie_root Sep 27 '12 at 21:18

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