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I'm trying to put a where clause in a select distinct query in postgresql but having no luck.

I want to do the following:

select distinct on (state_or_county) state_or_county 
from locations 
where country = "USA"

I've done this many times in mysql and can't understand why this isn't working.

Can someone please correct the query? Or explain just why it isn't working?

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In postgresql a string literal must be wrapped in single quotes:

select distinct on (state_or_county) state_or_county 
from locations 
where country = 'USA'

Double quotes are used for identifiers, if needed:

select distinct on ("state_or_county") "state_or_county" 
from "locations" 
where "country" = 'USA'
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Note this is how the SQL spec says to do things. Yet again, MySQL's tendency to go off mission in regards to the SQL spec means it does things just a little bit different than you might expect, and results in users learning bad habits when they switch to another db that does follow the rules. –  Scott Marlowe Sep 18 '12 at 22:32

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