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how do i execute

c=bin\jlogin -c "exit" $value |grep "Error" >>test  in bash 

i want to store the return value in c variable. $value contains some previously parsed data..i want to run the complete string as a command but when i run the shell i get an error

=bin\jlogin command not found.

kidly help me what is happening and how i can solve it! searched google but it does not show results which has such complexity like user defined variables thanks in advance

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I'm not sure what \j means here, but I think what you are looking for is the backtick operator:

c=`((bin/jlogin -c "exit" $value ; echo $? >&3) | grep "Error" >> test) 3>&1)`

This will redirect the exit value of jlogin to handle 3 and then redirect it back to STDOUT, which will be copied to $c.

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Is this what you're trying to do? :

/bin/jlogin -c exit "$value" | grep Error >>test

That will run the command /bin/jlogin -c exit "$value", piping its output to grep Error >>test. It will then set $c to 0 if the string Error was found, and to 1 if it was not.

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