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I'm trying to declare a style property to be the value of some variable. This is done easily enough within a component with a call to 'PropertyReference'. Ex:

  s|TextInput {
    color: PropertyReference("some.other.package.MyClass.colorVariable");

However, I'm trying to do this in an external stylesheet and load it into the <s:Application> top-level component with <fx:Style source="myStyles.css"/>. This won't compile though. It seems that the use of PropertyReference itself is OK, but it's like it can't resolve the path to the variable I want to use.

Anybody know how to do this correctly?

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As you include your css using <fx:Style source=""/>, it must contains CSS only. Since you need to add programmatic code in your CSS, you may try loading your style sheet at run time

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I don't know if that is true, because within the same source file, I have several rules the use set the skin for a component. For example, .buttonPanel { skinClass: ClassReference("package.panel.ButtonPanelSkin"); } and this works just fine (although once in a while it doesn't). Unless this is somehow incidental, I only have consistent problems with PropertyReference. – istrasci Dec 4 '12 at 15:26

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