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I have a mobile application that I am going to allow for landscape mode when you are playing stagevideo.

I'm farmiliar with creating a veiwport and getting stagevideo to play on ios. I am detecting when the device orientation changes and I would then like to rotate stagevideo object when the orientation changes. I'm not finding any examples or documentation on how to do this.

I notice that the Rectangle object has topLeft and bottomRight values that can be set. I'm wondering if changing the values will do the trick, or will creating a new view port setting X, Y and width and height will rotate the video if I set the X and Y to the corner that is now "0, 0" after rotation ? In other words if I rotate my phone clockwise in landscape then the new view port would be something like this.

sv.viewPort = new Rectangle(0, view.stage.stageHeight, view.stage.stageHeight, view.stage.stageWidth);
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As this post is 2 years old, I'm wondering if anyone had a solution to this. The StageVideo documentation says, it's not possible to rotate, unless you rotate for 90 degrees, which would be fine for me. – nbuechi May 9 '14 at 14:34

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