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I want to write unit tests for a CakePHP shell that I'm creating, but they aren't mentioned in the testing documentation or bake:

Bake Tests
Path: /home/brad/sites/farmlogs/app/Test/
Select an object type:
1. Model
2. Controller
3. Component
4. Behavior
5. Helper
Enter the type of object to bake a test for or (q)uit (1/2/3/4/5/q) 

Since CakePHP doesn't appear to have a default shell testing setup, what should the structure of my basic shell tests look like?

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Judging from examples in Mark Story's AssetCompress and the CakeDC's Migrations, just mimic the directory structure for other tests:


Your tests can just extend the CakeTestCase object, just like any other generic test:

class MyShellTest extends CakeTestCase {

If needed, you can override the base shell, just like you would do with a Controller test:

class TestMyShell extends MyShell {

Nothing all that special, just stick with the conventions.

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