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This is similar to a question I posted earlier, but with a different problem. Perhaps I misunderstand javascript events?

Basically, I have a navigation that the user can click through. Works great. I also need to have a way where instead of clicking through the nav, the user can click a button called "start" to guide them through the navigation (rather then allowing them to click it directly), explaining things as it goes... so at this point I need to remove the event listener from the navigation.

When the page loads, and I click to remove the event listener, it works. You can no longer click through the navigation. But when I reload the page again, click through the navigation a few times, THEN click the "start" button to remove the event listener, it still allows me to click through the navigation.

The addEventListener code:

var hrNav = document.querySelector('.hrNav');    
if (isiPad == true) {
            hrNav.addEventListener('touchstart', highlight, false)
        } else {
                hrNav.addEventListener('click', highlight, false);   
                } else {  
                    hrNav.attachEvent('on'+'click', highlight);   

The code to remove the event listener:

$("#startButton").click(function() {
            hrNav.removeEventListener('click', highlight, false);

I realize im mixing jQuery with native javaScript in a weird way, but I will fix that later. Im trying to do it without jQuery if possible.

EDIT Under more investigation, I put an alert when the button is clicked, and it seems as though after the event listener for "hrNav" is fired, clicking the button doesn't do anything - its not really a problem with removing the even handler, but a problem with the button not firing anything after the "hrNav" event handler is used. Im still in the dark however.

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Just as a comment, if you are going to use JQuery, you may as well stick with it. Mixing Javascript and JQuery just doesn't make much sense. The whole point of JQuery is to limit Javascript code you have to write, and to provide crossbroswer compatibility. Right now are you are adding a click event using both JQuery and Javascript. – thatidiotguy Sep 18 '12 at 16:11
detachEvent is what's paired with attachEvent – Alex K. Sep 18 '12 at 16:11
I know that. I will not be using jQuery eventually - I just used the "click" for testing purposes. The application will not have jquery. – mdance Sep 18 '12 at 16:12
New Question was opened... this original question was not accurate, and a new one has been brought up. – mdance Sep 18 '12 at 19:01

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