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I have the next scheme:

class UserProfile {
    String title
    String firstName
    String lastName 
    static belongsTo = [user:User]
    static constraints = {
            user nullable:true , unique:true
            title nullable:true, blank:true
            firstName blank:false
            lastName nullable:true, blank:true

class User {
    String username
    String password
    boolean enabled 
    String email    
    static constraints = {
        username size:6..40, blank:false, nullable: false, unique: true
        email email:true, size:6..40, blank:false, nullable: false, unique: true
        password size:5..64, password:true, blank:false, nullable: false
    String toString(){username}

I need a list of UserProfile ordered by the email that has the user!

I try:

        //the exception says that the element has no such property to both cases    
            order("", ascDesc)
            //order("email", ascDesc)               
            order("${params.orderBy}", ascDesc)


so when I want to order by the email the exception says that the element has no such property to both cases. Note: ascDesc is a variable String it can be asc or desc

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If you add

createAlias('user', 'u')

to the top of your criteria closure then you should be able to order by ''.

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excellent answer Ian, only it was only necessary to add this library: import org.hibernate.criterion.CriteriaSpecification – Isaid Htrs Sep 19 '12 at 17:04
It shouldn't be necessary to add any imports. Your IDE may complain that it doesn't recognise the createAlias method but that's the price you pay for dynamic DSLs - grails will accept it just fine. – Ian Roberts Sep 19 '12 at 17:55
if (params.orderBy == "email") { 
    user { 
        order ("email", ascDesc) 

should work too without manual alias creation

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