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I am trying to compare dates, but my query doesnot return any result. Curious if I have written the query correctly ?

FROM a, b               
CONVERT(varchar(50),a.BirthDate, 101) between CONVERT(varchar(50),b.minage, 101) and CONVERT(varchar(50),b.maxage, 101)

Is there anything wrong with this date comparison query ??

Table structure is as :

Table a:
Column Name     Datatype
Birthdate       Date

Table b's row:
Column Name     Datatype
minage          Date - calculated as : select DATEADD(year, -41, GETDATE())
maxage          Date - calculated as : select DATEADD(year, -21, GETDATE())

In table B, Minage, maxage criteria changes for each row. So range can be as minage 0 max age 20, minage 50 maxage 60 etc.(range not overlapping though).

Any idea on what might be wrong in the query ?

I need to compare/calculate only with date not hours or minutes.

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Remove all the converts (to varchar)

FROM a, b               
a.BirthDate between b.minage and b.maxage

if you need to remove the Time part of a DateTime you can do: CAST(a.BirthDate AS Date)

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Don't convert your date to string. Doing it may cause invalid comparison by string and by date.

... WHERE a.BirthDate between b.minage and b.maxage
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May be stupid of me.

Looks like I had to reverse order of minage and maxage.

so the below query works:

FROM a, b
WHERE CONVERT(varchar(50),a.BirthDate, 101) between CONVERT(varchar(50),b.maxage, 101) and CONVERT(varchar(50),b.minage, 101)

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You should not use varchars for comparing date values. Use CAST(tbl.ColName AS Date) if you need to strip the time part. – Magnus Sep 18 '12 at 16:48
@Magnus : Do you still think my initial query will work if I use CAST instead of CONVERT ? You just gave a suggestion not solution to my problem actual problem... :) I can implement suggestions only when my query works. Thanks for your help! If you can provide me a reason supporting your suggetsion that would allow me to better understand functionality. I used varchar after I read in some blogs suggesting use of varchar for date comparison using BETWEEN clause. They never gave a reason and so did not u. Please provide some more info, so I have a reason to move with your suggestion. Thanks. – RMN Sep 19 '12 at 9:08
I used CONVERT to keep date format constant before comparison. Convert(date, tbl.colname, 101) can be a suggestion :) – RMN Sep 19 '12 at 9:19

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