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When creating a site/script to be on the client end of a RESTful API, what tools are available to create a "workbench" to explore the API, examining headers and responses while working through the design? Preferably one(s) that allow you to enter a custom endpoint, and create sample requests to see the responses. I recall seeing one nice workbench before, but its name has escaped me.

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Re-found the one I remembered: The Apigee Console is a great interface for playing around with an existing API or building your own.

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Mashery's I/O Docs is an open source workbench that you can deploy yourself on a Node.js server with Redis for storage.

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If you have the wadl file of the ReST Services, you can load it in SOAP UI and use it.

Another much simpler tool Rest Client

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Are you referring to soapui.org/About-SoapUI/what-is-soapui.html or some other product? Also, SOAP is not really a RESTful service, and not what I was looking for. –  MidnightLightning Sep 18 '12 at 17:49
@MidnightLightning the tool is SoapUI. It has very good support for ReST Services. It started as a SOAP testing tool but has evloved far from that. And if you have the wadl for your rest services you can very well explore the APIs. Try out using this wadl w3.org/Submission/wadl/#x3-40001.3 –  basiljames Mar 1 '13 at 7:11

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