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I actually solved this adding the following line to my activity manifest:


I'm trying to save an image captured with my android phone using phonegap, however 80% of the time I press the save button, after taking the picture, my app just dies...

I've seen that this is a common problem with phonegap + android. I've already tried lowering the quality of the image, cleaning phone memory, erasing the cache directory of the app... Nothing so far, I still get this random behavior.

I've tried using imageData and imageURI, but still get the error.

Something to note is that everytime I rotate the phone, my app dies. Some times when I save an image, the screen automatically rotates, and that also kill the app.

Here is the code I have so far...

            // Called when a photo is successfully retrieved
            function onPhotoURISuccess(imageURI) {
                // Uncomment to view the image file URI
                // console.log(imageURI);

                $('#my_div') // this div belongs to my html markup (see bellow)
                            .attr('src', imageURI)
                            .attr('width', '100')
                            .attr('height', '100')
                                'background-color' : 'red',
                                 '-webkit-border-radius': '15px',
                                 '-moz-border-radius': '15px',
                                 'border-radius': '15px'

            // A button will call this function
            function getPhoto(source) {
                // Retrieve image file location from specified source
                    function (imageUri) {
                        onPhotoURISuccess(imageUri, photo_div_id);   
                    onFail, {
                        quality: 30,
                        destinationType: Camera.DestinationType.FILE_URI,
                        sourceType: source

<div   id="my_div" class= "iconP">
   <input type="button"  name="photo_1" id="photo_1" onclick ="getPhoto()" value="photo 1"/>
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If the answer you've got isn't helping, you should go check your LogCat and let us know what the error is. If it's a Bitmap exceeds VM budget type error, that's one kind of problem, if it's a permissions issue, that's entirely different. –  xbakesx Sep 18 '12 at 23:59

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You need to add more to your mainfest than that, otherwise you'll run into this problem again. Add the following: android:configChanges="orientation|keyboardHidden|keyboard|screenSize|locale"

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That is exaclty the line phonegap suggest to add, however, my app won't event start if I add the complete string, thats why I had to remove the last three names. Either way, +1 for helping :) –  danielrvt Sep 19 '12 at 0:06

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