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I am having issues figuring out how to do this. This isnt the real problem, but something very similar.

I have table A

ID  Name
10  Bob
11  Tom
12  Suzie
13  Billy
14  Rob
15  Ben

Then table B, where B_ID references to ID in table A

B_ID  Value
11    1500
13    2600

Then Table C where C_ID references to ID in table A

C_ID MatchedWith
10   11
12   13
14   11
15   11

The intention of this query is to list the Names of the people in table B, and how many people that are matched with them from C

...So the resulting query would give something like:

Name  Count
Tom   3
Bily  1

I am completely boggled on how to do this, so any help would be super! thank you!

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I got it to work. I had not considered using joins before... still kind of new to SQL. – Tookie Sep 18 '12 at 18:32
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    COUNT(*) as 'Count'
    JOIN B
    ON C.MatchedWith = B.B_ID
    JOIN A
    ON A.ID = B.B_ID
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Wow quick reply! Your awesome! – Tookie Sep 18 '12 at 17:38

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