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I want to achieve the same effect as Apple has on their site. I want my html elements to flow when the page is loaded, not just appear in a random order. How can i replicate Apples site and prioritize my elements?

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Please describe what Apple has on their site; otherwise this question is of no use for future visitors. – Arjan Sep 18 '12 at 18:24

With jQuery (not sure what JavaScript library you're using), you can do chained animations like this,

the HTML:

    <div id="firstSection" style="display:none">first section</div>
    <div id="secondSection" style="display:none">second section</div>
    <div id="lastSection" style="display:none">last section</div>

and then the code:

function animationStep1()
   $('#firstSection').fadeIn('normal', animationStep2);

function animationStep2()
   $('#secondSection').fadeIn('normal', animationStep3);

function animationStep3()

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