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I am trying to run the Python and Node.JS examples from for the client-broker-worker architecture (rrclient, rrworker, rrbroker).

I can confirm that the Python implementation works fine, and the Node.JS implementation works fine, but when I try to combine the Node.JS rrclient with the Python rrbroker, the whole thing crashes and I get the following error:

Python quit unexpectedly while using the libzmq.3.dylib plug-in.

And the broker has the following error: Assertion failed: (prefetched_msg.flags () & msg_t::identity) == 0 (router.cpp:276) Abort trap: 6

Seems like Node.JS has issues connecting to Python. This seems to also come up with the basic REQ/REP architecture as well, not just client-broker-worker.

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Seems like re-installing pyzmq seems to fix the problem...

sudo pip uninstall pyzmq
sudo pip install pyzmq

Whew, cheers!

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