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I am noob to android and sqlite, in visual basic working with access database you get a active x control or adodc control which helps to navigate through next records . Iam developing a app for android which i need to require to select the next column in press of button click.

ie, Sql lite database

table1 column1, column2, column3

the preceding is the structure of table i have a text view which displays the column name . if i press the button if column1 is selected the column2 should be displayed.

i have no idea on how to code .

prompt Help is appreciated

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Will you be displaying only one column at a time? –  midhunhk Sep 18 '12 at 18:01
You access data via Cursor which has those moveToXYZ methods to move rows and e.g. Cursor.getString(int columnIndex) to get columns of the active row. –  zapl Sep 18 '12 at 18:04

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  1. Query your data via a cursor

  2. Populate that data into an object (any sort of Collection or custom pojo) within your activity.

  3. Write a clickListener for your button which takes in a 'current column' value. The clickListener can then grab the corresponding 'next column' from the object you saved the data to.

  4. The clickListener will then update your UI

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