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I want to place subreports in my main report. I placed a static text in the main report Title band and then at the Summary band a brake sending the rest of the report to the second page, that is where I placed the subreport that contains another static text label.

They both compile but I only see the main report with its static text label, and where the subreport should be there is only a white page.

My template:

<jasperReport ... pageWidth="595" pageHeight="842" columnWidth="555" leftMargin="20" rightMargin="20" topMargin="20" bottomMargin="20">
    <parameter name="SUBREPORT_DIR" class="java.lang.String" isForPrompting="false">
        <defaultValueExpression><!  [CDATA["/home/mauricio/objetos/Sisteco/PazosDesa/Fuentes/SGPActual/"]]></defaultValueExpression>
    <queryString language="SQL">
    <field name="fechaReporte" class="java.lang.String"/>
        <band splitType="Stretch"/>
        <band height="390" splitType="Immediate">
                <reportElement x="112" y="11" width="165" height="20"/>
                <text><![CDATA[TITULO DEL REPORTE]]></text>
                <reportElement x="320" y="11" width="100" height="20"/>
                <textFieldExpression class="java.lang.String">  <!CDATA[$F{fechaReporte}]]>
                <reportElement x="332" y="231" width="92" height="31"/>
                <text><![CDATA[Fuerzas Armadas Uruguayas]]></text>
        <band splitType="Stretch"/>
        <band height="36" splitType="Stretch"/>
        <band height="38" splitType="Stretch"/>
        <band height="61" splitType="Stretch"/>
        <band height="30" splitType="Stretch"/>
        <band height="802" splitType="Stretch">
                <reportElement x="232" y="15" width="100" height="20"/>
                <text><![CDATA[fin de pagina 1]]></text>
            <subreport isUsingCache="false">
                <reportElement x="30" y="123" width="513" height="486" backcolor="#99FF33"/>
                <subreportParameter name="fechaReporte">
                <subreportExpression class="java.lang.String"><![CDATA[$P{SUBREPORT_DIR} + "ReporteCajeraFinal_subreport1.jasper"]]></subreportExpression>
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I'll take a look – HoNgOuRu Sep 18 '12 at 18:05
I visited the site, but no luck – HoNgOuRu Sep 18 '12 at 20:03
@HoNgOuRu You should post the master report's template (jrxml file) – Alex K Sep 18 '12 at 20:45
ok, hold on..... – HoNgOuRu Sep 18 '12 at 20:49
I paste the code here – HoNgOuRu Sep 18 '12 at 20:58

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