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I need to read the subject,message from the inbox of Outlook, using java code. Is any sample code/Idea for the same, please help to get the same.

I search with StackOverflow, it gives the code in C#.

Also i check with Javamail, But i didnt found anything about Outlook.

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stackoverflow.com/questions/4780870/… –  user1728950 Oct 8 '12 at 13:21

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If you want to you read a .pst file using Java may not be a good option. To me it makes more sense to get the mail directly form server if you have the server details.

I got this link from Google-- "reading pst file".

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When you say "the inbox of Outlook", do you meanthe data Outlook stores on your local computer? Or do you mean the data in the Inbox mail folder in your remote mail server, possibly Exchange? If the latter, you can use JavaMail to do that, but you have to configure the Exchange server to allow IMAP access.

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