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I want to know how spring's multiple form:select works for following scenario: I have a class UniSection has many students(Student class) and Students can selected zero or more selected course(SelectedCourse class) out of a list of courses(Course class)

public class UniSection{
 private List<Student> students;

public class Student{
  private List<SelectedCourse> selectedCourses;

public class SelectedCourses{
  private String courseName;

In my jsp page, for a UniSection, then first select a student and then select some courses.

My command object is uniSection, how can I do a multiSelect for a selectedCourse?

I would like to do something like this

<form:select multiple="true" path="???">
    <form:options items="courses" itemValue="???" itemLabel="???"/>

where courses is a list of all available courses. But what would come under path? I dont think i can give path=students.selectedCourses as we need to assign course to particular student

I'm aware that i need a SelectedCoursePropertyEditor, but i don't know about the path expression.

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In order to show a multiple-select with courses I think you need something like that:

<form:select multiple="true" path="students[i].selectedCourses">
    <form:options items="${courses}" itemValue="courseName" itemLabel="courseName"/>

Where i, is a student from UniSection's list, and courses is a list containing all courses. When you submit this data, property Student.selectedCourses will be filled with selected rows.

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