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Am new in wordpess. I have managed to install wordpress perfectly. I would wish to load an html or php page into wordpress to allow for quicker editing of the content. How can I further open it in wordpress? Thanks in advance.

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You can directly add html to your wordpress by using the editor to carry out your intentions.

Here is an image sample.


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Pages are stored in the database rather than in HTML / PHP files. If you want to customize the layout of content on a page you would have to add a page-.php template to your theme directory.

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You may want to read Essentially you only need two files for a bare-bones theme: index.php and style.css. The style.css file, at minimum, must have this comment at the top:

Theme Name: Whatever you call it

The index.php at minimum would have something like this:

<title>Whatever your title</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_url'); ?>" />

Compress the folder with these two files in a zip file, use theme upload to upload the file, and voila. Your first, "hello world" Wordpress theme is up. I suggest you learn a little more because a lot of code you may put in the files may break, unless is static html with hardcoded links (which beats the purpose of Wordpress) and plain-old css in the stylesheet.

If what you want is add your own code to an already-existing theme there's a tab for adding your HTML snippets in a page or post wordpress HTML edit more

You can't add php, unless you go to the theme editor on the appearance panel.

If you want to add your own page to a theme you will need to upload page-example.php to the theme folder and add a new page on the dashboard with the name of example. To find your theme folder in your site you will have to dig for your themes folder inside the wp-content folder. I don't recommend this, by the way, just letting you know what you can do.

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