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I've got a problem with Jackson annotations that seem to be ignored in Tomee+ v1. I use Jackson to have my REST responses serialized to JSON. I switched it on setting:
openejb.cxf.jax-rs.providers = org.codehaus.jackson.jaxrs.JacksonJsonProvider in

Jackson serialization works fine except all Jackson annotations that seem to be completely ignored. Event the basic ones like @JsonIgnore or @JsonProperty have no effect on the json response. I also tried Mix-ins but they don't work either.

I tried with Jackson 1.X and Jackson 2.x.

The only thing that affects JSON structure is Jaxb annotations(like @XmlTransient).

Anyone have it working in Tomee+??? Any feedback much appreciated

Cheers, qmacpit

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It turned out it didn't work properly in TomEE+ v 1.0. If you'd like to have it running you've got to use the later version(currently it is the snapshot one). Check out my original thread at official tomEE forum.

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