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I have a .htacess file like ;

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php/$1 [NC,QSA,L]

Let say I have a url : www.example.com/index/action. When I print $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] in index.php I see /action

But if my url is like www.example.com/index1/action I can see /index1/action

but i want to see the full path in both case. How can i fix it?

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If you want to see the URL before it is rewritten, I believe you are looking for:

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You may be looking for $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'].

For www.example.com/index/action, you'd get /index.php/index/action

For www.example.com/index1/action, you'd get /index.php/index1/action

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This helpful bit of code will insert the address of the page the user is currently on, so if you were on "http://test.com/pages/test/" the code would copy the "/pages/test/". To use it in the code:

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