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MacOS provides a very handy set of classes and objects for displaying PDF documents.

PDFThumbnailView is what's used to display a scrolling collection of thumbnails representing each page of the PDF document managed in a PDFDocument (and visible in a full size PDFView, sitting to the right of my PDFThumbnailView). This is what my UI (with its PDFThumbnailView and PDFView) looks like:


And here's my question which regards PDFThumbnailView labels (I've circled three of them in the graphic below):

PDFThumbnailView provides a handy method to change the font of the thumbnail label; but is there a way to actually customize what appears in those labels, or better yet, simply turn that label off completely?

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Well, since this question earned me the "tumbleweed" badge on StackOverflow, I might as well answer this question with the (very non-optimal) solution that I ended up doing, in case one or two other souls out there ever run into this problem.

PDFThumbnailView has a "setLabelFont:" method, to which you can assign an extremely tiny font (think 1 point or less).

Yes, that means sharp-eyed users will see a pixel of something underneath each page.

As far as I can tell, there's no way to set a font color (i.e. clear color, gray color matching the background) for that font.

I've filed a Radar enhancement request ( rdar://12631489 ) with Apple to ask them to provide an API to turn off these labels, but I have no idea if they'll actually act favorably on this.

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