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I understand how to include other needed libraries or outside resources while creating a runnable .jar file in eclipse, but what I don't see is an option to also include the src .java files as well.

How could I accomplish this?

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In the Export --> Jar File dialog you have the option to incluse source files and resources.

enter image description here

To make runnable a standard Jar File you only need to add/include an appropiate MANIFEST.MF on your own ...

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Do you happen to know if there an explicit reason I need to do this myself vs. an interface option? Is this not a common request? – thedan Sep 18 '12 at 19:49
The Runanble Jar dialog just doesn't contains that option, so you can workaround exporting as standard JAr File and includiding the MANIFEST.MF – aleroot Sep 18 '12 at 19:51
thanks for the tip! – thedan Sep 18 '12 at 21:02
It's still not a replacement for exporting an executable jar. Exporting a normal jar doesn't allow you to add dependent libraries into the jar or the destination folder. – Mark Jeronimus Aug 4 at 15:40

Export to Runnable jar. Open the Runnable Jar with WinRAR. Click Add button, select the file.

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I know this is answer is very late, but for those who still read this:

Eclipse has this option. You probably just did not notice it. I haven't checked since what version, Eclipse Luna has it for sure.

  • Export --> Jar File
  • then do not click Finish, but click Next.
  • You have more options there.
  • You will probably have to click Next twice to get to the Main Class selection.
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Since ancient versions – Mark Jeronimus Aug 4 at 15:41

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