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how to get the parent div id of current submit form with the ajaxform plugin
I am not having any problems with the success state

Thank you.

below is my code.

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
$('.formsubmit').ajaxForm( { 

	beforeSubmit: function() {
		// here want form parent div display loading..
		var id = $(this).parent().id; // my problem here how to get current action form parent div id 
	url: '/post.php',
	success: Response,
	datatype: ($.browser.msie) ? "text" : "xml"
function Response(xml) {
	// let say XML return is equal 1
	var id = xml;

<div id="1">
	<form class='formsubmit' action='/post.php' method='post'>
		<input name='url' value=''>
<div id="2">
	<form class='formsubmit' action='/post.php' method='post'>
		<input name='url' value=''>
<div id="3">
	<form class='formsubmit' action='/post.php' method='post'>
		<input name='url' value=''>
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From what I can see in the docs, beforeSubmit method is invoked with three params:

  • the form data in array format
  • the jQuery object for the form
  • the Options Object passed into ajaxForm/ajaxSubmit

Given that if you change your before submit to

beforeSubmit: function(formData, formObj, options) {
    var id = formObj.parent().attr('id');

This should work although I haven't tested it.

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It's work like you say.Thank you very much. – Paisal Aug 10 '09 at 1:54

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