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I have the following code

class MyJSONSerializableClass
    public int Index { get; set; };

    public long Id { get; set; };

var collection = new List<MyJSONSerializableClass>()
    new MyJSONSerializableClass() 
        Index = 10,
        Id = 1000

string jsonOutput = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(collection);

jsonOutput would be

[{ index: 10 }]

I would like jsonOutput to be

[ 10 ]

Is there any class attribute I can apply to MyJSONSerializableClass that would tell JSON.NET to emit only the property Index, instead of the entire object?

Something along the lines of

[JsonOutput(f => f.Index)]
class MyJSONSerializableClass


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Not sure about the attributes, but alternatively, you could try

JsonConvert.SerializeObject(collection.Select(o => o.Index)).

As per documentation, all IEnumerable's will be arrays.

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