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This question is specific to KDE4 if you are using a different Desktop/OS then please open another thread.

-- Hi there, for a day now I have been using a 24" 1920x1200px monitor. And it's awful! Maximizing windows (horizontally) is pointless.

So I've begun editing window profiles (upper-left corner -> klick -> configure window behavior -> window specific ...).

  • I've a fixed Konsole in the background, hidden from the pager - it's like a desktop, but a konsole - kind of.
  • I've an editor profile (gvim in my case) which pins it near Konsole and does not overlap.
  • I force vertical maximizing (which also happens, when you press the middle mouse button on the maximize icon) for my browser.

That's about it. So the question is what are you guys doing to keep your windows in check.

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I use :vsp % in gvim, which splits the window vertically. Then using :e or similar will replace the content of the current split window. I fully maximize gvim on my main screen, and have a vertically maximized konsole on the other, leaving the rest of the screen for testing the programs that I'm writing. I have a web browser on a second virtual desktop, since that way it can have full-screen, and it's a little less distracting.

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Recently I've started using kate for more and more editing, which will split horizontally and vertically. On my widescreen monitor I tend to have it split twice so I have 3 columns. On my other monitor I just don't maxmize things. I've found KDE to be pretty nice for letting me keep things tiled in a way that I had come accustomed to with dwm. Come to think of it, I really wish my second monitor could be dwm and my first one KDE4. Hmmm...

The gist is to either use more windows and tile them how you like (I don't reboot that machine much so the set up time doesn't bother me) or use an editor that will split your view. Actually, I think vim will split, will it not?

:split .

did something so I'm sure it's got support for horizontal splitting, right?

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I've increased the font size, have a full-screen XEmacs split horizontally (.h left, .cpp right), and a konsole with normal height maximized horizontally, for unwrapped valgrind output.

Or you just use an IDE, if you feel you have too much screen space :)

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