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I have installed FPNTagBundle via composer. I have successfully added tags to my articles, but when I add DoctrineExtensions' TagRepository as the repositoryClass with

 * @ORM\Entity(repositoryClass="DoctrineExtensions\Taggable\Entity\TagRepository")
 * @ORM\Table
class Tag extends FPN\TagBundle\Entity\Tag

and try to use TagRepository's method getResourceIdsForTag('post', 'tagname'), it fails. I've checked the repository class with

$tagRepo = $this->getDoctrine()->getRepository('GergelyPolonkaiFrontBundle:Tag');
echo get_class($tagRepo);

and it's not TagRepository, but Doctrine\ORM\Entity\Repository. I don't have any other error message regarding the repositoryClass thing, even if I specify an invalid classname.

Have I found a bug, or do I miss something somewhere?

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It seems I was hitting a bug. After merging some pull requests by Fabien Pennequin 16 days ago, it now seems working as expected.

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