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I have this in mind. I just want to check if there is something like what I have in mind already done, or I should I want to work on:

MVC3 application using asp.net membership, that has single sign on (so it is a claims aware app that will log on a STS).

I have seen http://identityserver.codeplex.com/ but not analized it in detail: Is it a good solution to implement?

My question is: Is there anything like that done? Is it a common way of doing SSO? (using also membership?)


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IdentityServer is an STS not an application.

If you have a claims-aware application, it "emulates" the membership provider. You can configure ADFS to provide the roles and then use the standard .NET constructs

IsInRole() or

location> ... allow role = ...>

in the web.config.

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