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I've been trying out the AngularJS e2e tests and am getting stuck determining whether or not a checkbox is checked.

I used the end to end test for the checkbox input as a sample (see the End to end test tab in the Example).

Html snippet:

Value1: <input type="checkbox" ng-model="value1"> <br/>

Controller snippet:

function Ctrl($scope) {
  $scope.value1 = true;

Here is what I tried:

1) expect(binding('value1')).toEqual('true');

This works in the sample end to end test as long as value1 is displayed on screen with {{value1}}. If you test this locally and remove `{{value1}} the binding test fails. In most of my real-world examples I am not displaying the checkbox value on the screen anywhere.

2) expect(input('value1').val()).toEqual('true');

The value will always default to on and is not related to whether or not the checkbox is in a checked state (taken from this post).

Note: It looks like the Angular E2E testing will be replaced with Protractor in the future (see the docs)

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I upvoted this question as I had the same issue. I used following workaround in my test, but I'm hoping to see the better way.

expect( element('input[ng-model="value1"]').attr('checked') ).toBeTruthy();
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Thanks! I like this better than what I'm currently doing. I'll keep this question open a bit just in case there is a better way :) –  Gloopy Sep 18 '12 at 22:27

I'm hoping there is a better way but I got around this by validating the count of the checked input elements matching that model binding:


At least one downside to this when checking if something is not checked is if the element doesn't exist or if there was a typo the value would still be 0 like in this example:


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