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I am building a cross platform C# application.

All platforms share significant amount of code by using:

  • Cross platform libraries (work with all platforms), for example a Portable Class Library project.
  • Specific platform libraries (a separate DLL per platform).

Each platform may need some different bootstrapping code of its own, or some other customized version of certain parts.

I am looking for specific guidelines on how to set up a project (structuring) to accommodate for multiple platforms successfully.

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what do you mean by platform? 32/64bit? mono/monotouch/microsoft? silverlight/compactframwork/winforms? – k3b Sep 19 '12 at 6:19
Platform is for example, PC, mobile (windows phone), android, etc. – lysergic-acid Sep 19 '12 at 10:05

By far I only involved in one of such discussions,

But the approach mel used, as demonstrated in does not convince me that it is the best way.

I am a subscriber to Monologue and so far I did not see any significant post from that source about this question. I think everyone is still researching/experimenting.

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