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I need load localStorage data right on my homepage. But when the page loads, the PHP/SQL instructions are already processed. There's a way to process it before the server interation and use the localStorage data in my SQL instructions?

ps. I tried AJAX, loading my homepage in a DIV inside an index page... but it didn't work.

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The answer is no - you can't read the LocalStorage data on the first load of your web site. However, you can use Ajax to hit your server and send a copy of any LocalStorage value to your server. You mentioned using ajax to load your homepage in a div. That should work, if you pass along the LocalStorage information in the url. So for example, imagine you have a localstorage key called name. If you want to load the contents of foo.php into a div and have PHP get access to name, you would pass it in the URL: "foo.php?name="+escape(". You can also use a Form post too.

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Thanks for the reply. It worked, I've passed the values in the URL as you said. You, sir, deserve my respect. I declare you Lord of the Webz. haha just kidding, thank you, really. – Anderson Oct 3 '12 at 12:53
Lord of the Webz - I'll take that. ;) – Raymond Camden Oct 3 '12 at 23:23

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