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I am a little gun shy about asking questions as they have been voted down, but this was is driving me crazy. I can see from all of the Serial port event handler questions that this is a popular subject. After much effort, I got the following code working:

   public void serialEvent(SerialPortEvent evt) {
    if (evt.getEventType() == SerialPortEvent.DATA_AVAILABLE) {
        try {
            rdata = (byte) comIn.read();
            line_buffer[line_ptr++] = rdata; 
            data_available = true;
//              System.out.print((byte)rdata);
            if( rdata == '\n') {
                line_available = true;
        catch (Exception e) {
            System.out.print("Failed to read data. (" + e.toString() );

I say that it is working because if I uncomment the print, I see the data that I am expecting. I have also set breakpoints on the lines that set the data_available and the line available flags and they occur.

I am trying to communicate with this code with the following:

// Code that requests data to be send back

// Code that inserts a delay for data to be received

    while( comm.line_avaiable() == false ) { } 

    for(int j=0;j< comm.line_ptr; j++) {
      System.out.print( (char)comm.line_buffer[j] );

This code is to wait for data_available and then print the line of data received. With the code as shown, the while loop never gets data_available. Not only that, the event handler does not get any events. No data is echoed (with comment removed) and a break point is never hit.

IF i comment out the while loop that waits for data_available (and add the delays for the data to be received since we are running without a handshake, the data is received just fine. The event handler does hit break points if set and can echo data.

How can polling the line_available flag break the event handler?

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This is so confusing. I think you're mixing line_available and data_available – iccthedral Sep 18 '12 at 23:01
I have both flags. The above example uses the equivalent of a read line. Elsewhere I get back a single byte response and will use data available. – mkstlwtz Sep 18 '12 at 23:05
while( comm.line_avaiable() == false ) { } do you really want your CPU spinning at 100% utilization while it waits for data to be available? I assume serialEvent() is being invoked by on an event-handling thread... you should use semaphores, or at least wait/notify to have your consumer pause until a line is available. – Jim Garrison Sep 18 '12 at 23:36
Please elaborate ... The serialEvent comes from a COM port. Not really, but the driver makes the USB port look like an COM port. The data_available is what I think of as a semaphore. It does not seem to matter if I read the public variable directly or use the method above which just returns the boolean. What should I be doing to prevent high speed spinning? – mkstlwtz Sep 18 '12 at 23:40
I have not worked with comm ports, but based on a cursory examination of the docs, you should be able to wrap CommPort#getInputStream() in an InputStreamReader and then wrap that in a BufferedReader to have the I/O system handle everything for you. BufferedReader provides a readLine() method, and you shouldn't need to handle events directly. – Jim Garrison Sep 18 '12 at 23:51

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