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I am not to sure i understand correctly scope in rails. Here what i am trying to do I have a model call article and called tags.

To start off the application it log you in at Article#index action which show all articles. However what I want to be able to refine my view by clicking on a tags that would dynamically be created. The query i would like would be Article.find(:all, :conditions => ['tags = ?', 'world'])

How can i achieve this? Or should i just use ajax to do this?

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I think ajax makes sense in this case.

You could have something like this.


match "/articles/tag" => "articles#tag"


def tag
  @particularly_tagged_links = Link.find_all_by_tags(params[:tags])

application.js or wherever you are using jquery codes. And trig this function when the user clicks the tag or something.

function taggit(tag) {
    url: "articles/tags?"+tag
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