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Is there a way to easily assign a given hex color code to a more general category (red, gren, blue, yellow, orange, pink, black, white, grey, ...)?

Like #ffcc55 -> orange, #f0f0f0 -> white, ...

EDIT: or even just similar to adobe photoshop finding the nearest web safe color, so it would reduce the number of colors to 256, would be already a great solution!

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Ahem... finding the nearest color can be done quite easier, I think, especially if you have the table of web-safe color RGB values readyJust calculate the difference (it's hexadecimals, remember), then choose the color with the lowest one. –  raina77ow Sep 18 '12 at 23:53

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This is from http://php.net/manual/en/function.dechex.php, comment from cory at lavacube dot com:


function color_mkwebsafe ( $in )
    // put values into an easy-to-use array
    $vals['r'] = hexdec( substr($in, 0, 2) );
    $vals['g'] = hexdec( substr($in, 2, 2) );
    $vals['b'] = hexdec( substr($in, 4, 2) );

    // loop through
    foreach( $vals as $val )
        // convert value
        $val = ( round($val/51) * 51 );
        // convert to HEX
        $out .= str_pad(dechex($val), 2, '0', STR_PAD_LEFT);

    return $out;


Example: color_mkwebsafe('0e5c94'); Produces: 006699

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I'm not a php guru so there may be more efficient ways of solving this in php, but I'd set up each color as an array, so you've got 3 numbers for each color category. Then find the mathematical distance between your proposed color and each of the others. Save the closest match and return the name of it.

function getcolorname($mycolor) {
    // mycolor should be a 3 element array with the r,g,b values 
    // as ints between 0 and 255. 
    $colors = array(
        "red"       =>array(255,0,0),
        "yellow"    =>array(255,255,0),
        "green"     =>array(0,255,0),
        "cyan"      =>array(0,255,255),
        "blue"      =>array(0,0,255),
        "magenta"   =>array(255,0,255),
        "white"     =>array(255,255,255),
        "grey"      =>array(127,127,127),
        "black"     =>array(0,0,0)

    $tmpdist = 255*3;
    $tmpname = "none";
    foreach($colors as $colorname => $colorset) {        
        $r_dist = (pow($mycolor[0],2) - pow($colorset[0],2));
        $g_dist = (pow($mycolor[1],2) - pow($colorset[1],2));       
        $b_dist = (pow($mycolor[2],2) - pow($colorset[2],2));
        $totaldist = sqrt($r_dist + $g_dist + $b_dist);
        if ($totaldist < $tmpdist) {        
            $tmpname = $colorname;
            $tmpdist = $totaldist;
    return $tmpname;
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Ah - I may have misunderstood the question - I thought the goal was to map from a hex value to a string description, rather than from a hex value to one of a subset of similar hex values. –  Nato Saichek Sep 19 '12 at 0:26
no problem, appreciated very much your help!! :) btw, your function always returns red for me, no matter which color I try? :) –  Chris Sep 19 '12 at 0:29
I just edited it - I forgot the $ in front of the 'r_dist','g_dist' and 'b_dist' variables when I summed them up. Looks like it's working now. –  Nato Saichek Sep 19 '12 at 1:07
cool, does the order of the list matter (the array)? If you want to add new color ranges such as e.g. orange? –  Chris Sep 19 '12 at 16:36
The order of the list doesn't matter, but as it gets longer it'll get a little less efficient... I'm probably doing too much math here. There's probably a better algorithm. If you're only doing this for yourself or a small group of users, it's probably fine. If you want a million people running this, it'll probably chug a bit. –  Nato Saichek Sep 19 '12 at 22:56

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